World Tour qualification

All of our National Junior Squad partners have 2 commitments:
Coach the kids and organise a National qualifier once every 6 months (November & May) to gain 4 qualifiers for each age group.
We organise substantial discounts at the 5 STAR Hotels and other hotels, plus it’s easier to stay and compete at the same place, it gives you more leisure time.

The World Tour Events is a lovely holiday for parents and an outstanding international experience for kids.

International Chess for All

World Class Junior Chess Organisations for Coaches & Students:

Qualified viaThe National Junior Squad tournaments – Head Coach will contact you within 2 weeks to offer you a choice of events to participate in – Acceptance of International invitation to The World Tour – Pay entry fee when your Head Coach has invited you within 2 weeks.

Better be fast as the place will be filled by the next enthusiastic  player


Head Coach  National Junior Squad

Any coach or organiser will feel a sense of immense pride being our official partners as it gives instant path to competitive International junior chess.

Head Coaches will train the students on the run up to the events so only hard working Chess Coaches should apply


You can expect to earn £40-£50k in year 1 as you build up your Junior Squad and more year on year. 


Kids love Playing Chess

PARENTs will have a well earned break at our 5 STAR Hotel whilst their child plays chess for 3 hours and prepares for the game with a Coach for 2 hours –  This is mum and dad’s chance to have a rest and enjoy the scenery and hotel facilities.

If you prefer to watch your son / daughter on the live boards via your mobile phone or visit the commentary room rather than relaxing in the SPA that is good too!

Qualify via The National Junior Squad Tournament or Sign up for a yearly Chess program

If you are going to be good at chess you need a good Coach that is the firm opinion of our CEO FT Charlie Storey. 

Year Long Training Course with our Head Coach who owns a National Junior Squad:
This will ensure your child is progressing at a good pace while we assess whether they are ready to participate in international Junior Tournaments.

This is a way to qualify for The World Tour Junior Events. If you have another Coach or some other way of becoming excellent at Chess, you can attempt to qualify through the National Junior Squad tournament which is held in November and May of Each Year.

Sign Up Now Only 3 per Country / State

Sign up today as we only have 3 National Chess Junior Squads and therefore only 3  Head Coaches per Country. There are exceptions for USA and India where we allow States to act as ‘countries’ due to their size and the enormous popularity of Chess.


Our first Coaches International trip is in Minsk Belarus at the end of August when our 5 Star Coach FM Charlie Storey travels to Minsk Belarus with talented students.

The qualifiers for The National junior Squads are in November of this year, Coaches should start planning for them in July of this year – we can help with media and planning – you can even use our website to advertise that you have become an Official Partner of World Chess Junior Squad.

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