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World Chess Junior Squad who owns it?

 We have 10 Owners all owning 10 percent  of a company called Chess Team GB Ltd – each owner has a very important skillset to make the organisation run well, each owner also has unique Digital skills to ensure all events are fantastic and have great Social Media coverage. FM Charlie Storey an Experienced England Team Coach, Computer Science teacher and creator of The Sniper opening is the founder and creator of the business model. The Team also offers full marketing solutions for High profile corporate clients with super speed delivery on Projects. www.WorldChess for more details.  

World Chess Junior Squad – What is it?

A Company  (Chess Team GB Ltd)  that oversees affiliation (partnerships) from every country in the World to enable junior teams (officially to be known as junior Squads) to participate in World Chess Junior Squad tournaments and events, primarily, the World Tour which is 4 Official World Chess Junior Squad events per year with mass Global marketing. More information at www.WorldChess

World Chess Junior Squad – What does it do?

World Chess Junior Squad Organises World Chess Junior Squad World Tour (4 events per year in wonderful 4 and 5 star holiday destinations) with side events. Only Official Junior Squads can enter the Team events in the World Tour.

  • Organise over 50s Holiday Events
  • Organise Training Camps
  • Organise Rapidplays
  • Organise Blitz
  • Organise Venue and Staff
  • Organise Arbiters
  • Assign Official Hotel (s)
  • Assign Official Venues (s)
  • Our Coaches travel with Kids to other International trips.
  • Ensures 3 Official Partners per country
How many Official Partners per Country?

There are 3 OFFICIAL PARTNERs per country allowed called Alekhine, Botvinnik & Capablanca with one exception a Great Britain Chess Team the owner of which created the entire model.

Who can be World Chess Junior Squad OFFICIAL PARTNER
  • A Coach,
  • A Federation,
  • A Company or Corporate entity
  • An Organisation
  • A chess parent
  • An organiser
  • An Established Chess Club
  • An Established National Junior Squad
How much to become an Official partner of World Chess Junior Squad?

The fee to become an official Partner is £100 per Year and you will have option to renew, provided you attend at least 1 of our World Tour events per year in the age categories  u7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, based on age at 1stof January 2020 This £100 fee helps pay for our admin, infrastructure and workers. There is a form to fill out on our site to register  www.World Chess Junior   

Requirements and qualification to participate in World Tour events.

Each World Chess Junior Squad  OFFICIAL PARTNER organisation must organise 2 x National Tournaments per year  (FIDE Rated) to establish the order for who qualifies. Qualifiers must be offered their choice of World Tour Events within 2 weeks of completion of National Qualifier Events. Only those junior players that have registered with OFFICIAL PARTNER Junior Squads may participate in the qualifying Events. In real terms that means there could be 3 Tournament Qualifiers per Country every 6 months; we suggest you coordinate with rival squads to have them on different weekends A student may participate with more than one Junior Squad. The player registers by entering the National Junior Squad Official Qualifier event, the Student may play for several Junior Squads without prejudice but must qualify in the appropriate way. The World Tour events have built around them, further events, such as over 50s Events, Grandmaster Norm Events, Rapidplay and Blitz Events – A Festival of Chess across 9 days. World Chess Junior Squad categories  u7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,   

World Chess Junior Squad administration

Look after OFFICIAL PARTNER from every country in the World (3 per Country) Look after OFFICIAL PARTNER Administration fees from every country in the World (3 per Country) Provides Full Creative Digital Agency Services for all chess organisations and other world class clients including BRANDING AND Social Media Support.  

Our Digital creative industry

Branding and Digital Skills is at the heart of our Chess Team GB Ltd Company and we place a high emphasis on Owners, Director and Staff having key skills. 

We Help create these Resources for you should you need them.
  • Create Template resources for Partners to run Chess Business in their Country
  • Create Template resources for Partners to run ChessWebsite in their Country
  • Create Template resources for Partners to run Chess National Events
  • Other Services as you request
Administrate Website
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Lists
  • Mobiles com
Benefits for World Chess Junior Squad OFFICIAL PARTNERs

 It is your Chess enterprise and cannot be taken from you. Those that register first with have guaranteed option to renew the following year in front of competitors. Run your own Chess Junior Squad in your Country independent of your National Federation and increase your status by joining our World Chess Junior Squad World Tour as our Official partner in your country. Our Marketing team ensures massive event exposure of World Tour Events developing your Squad and status as an excellent junior chess organisation. Our World class International Event Organisers ensure events are fantastic which ensures positive experience for Kids at wonderful holiday destinations. We give you many templates and branded resources to build a thriving chess business in your country for example look at to see if you would like that website and business logic in your country. To see what we will build and deploy for you with our Digital Agency skills lead by FIDE Master  / Trainer Charlie Storey a Computer Science and Business Studies Teacher Become World Chess Junior Squad OFFICIAL PARTNER and get listed on our website

  • Template resources for Partners to run Chess Business in their Country
  • Template resources for Partners to run ChessWebsite in their Country
  • Template resources for Partners to run Chess National Events