This will be the the third of our 4 events per year and a great chance to have some Autumn sunshine.

 Greece is considered to be the spot where the greatest civilisations in history thrived. You can also thrive here and best other children in your age group in our World Chess Junior Squad event in August 2020. 

Fall in love with Santorini 

Almost anyone has seen a picture of this place and wished they were there. Now you can visit it easily when you participate in the August 2020 WCJS event. You can finally stare at the impressive white and blue architecture of the island with the crystal blue ocean in the background. Definitely a perfect summer vacation.

Have a tour of the Acropolis 

The Acropolis is a site you should never miss when visiting Athens. This historical and cultural building is made in marble and was built to praise the Greek goddess Athena.