This will be the second of our 4 events per year and a great chance to have some spring sun.

Turkey is the country where Asia meets with Europe. Its interesting location creates an incredible blend of cultures, customs, and cuisine. Your time here for the World Chess Junior Squad (WCJS) event will surely be a time of exploring, eating, and of course, playing chess. 


Cross continents in Istanbul 

Since part of the country is considered to be in Europe and the other part in Asia, just taking a ferry is already such a huge change in scene and culture. You will definitely see how the location changes the face of the people and the actual part of the city. 

Explore Aya Sofya 

This place of worship has been around since 537 and has been used by different religions throughout the history of Istanbul. It is a structure which is rich in history and culture. It also tells a story about what Istanbul has gone through as a city. If you will only visit one thing in Turkey when you attend the WCJS event, this should definitely be it.